It has been a few months since I last posted a beauty empties and I thought it would be about time that I decided to show you the recent products that I have finished this month.

March Empties

Kate Somerville & Omorovicza empties


Kate Sommerville | Goat Milk Cream | $94 | This is my second pot that I have finished, that I have loved using in the Summer as it has never felt too heavy on my skin when it has been sweltering hot. This cream is recommended for Dry skin but it has done wonders for my combination skin; it has never felt too heavy this cream is a mix of cream/fluid that is very soothing especially after using a detoxing mask.

Omorovicza | Queen of Hungary Mist | $83 | I have loved using the Queen of Hungary Mist it is filled with orange blossom, rose, sage and apple pectin that has provided my skin with much need hydration in the evening that has become a welcome addition to my night time skincare routine. I look forward to using the Omorovicza mist at the end of the day; especially during the week after wearing a make up all day and being indoors with air conditioning. This mist provides the right amount of hydration when spritzed onto the skin in a lovely mist. I feel that my skin feels more supple and plump this is a definite repurchase without a doubt.

Toni&Guy, Sensodyne & Johnson's Baby Shampoo

Toni & Guy Casual | Dry Shampoo | $16 | I have tried many dry shampoo’s over the years, many different brands but I have never found a dry shampoo that I have loved so much. I can’t believe it took me so long to finally try their brand. I have tried so many dry hair shampoos that don’t do anything or leaves my hair with a white streak that never seems to go away until washed out. But this little beauty does it all; gives me refreshed hair that is easy to style, that gives me some texture and best of all it doesn’t matter how much you spray into your roots there is no white streak across your hairline.

Sensodyne | True White Extra Fresh whitening Toothpaste | $16 | I had high expectations for this toothpaste; but I was a little disappointed. Yes it is good as a toothpaste and my teeth feel very clean and any sensitivity does seem better, but that is where it stops. I don’t know what I was expecting perhaps a lot more whitening of my teeth but that did not happen like it has with other toothpaste brands that I have used previously. This one is a miss for me.

Johnson’s | Baby Shampoo | $ 5 | I use this baby shampoo to clean all my makeup brushes. The shampoo is gentle that doesn’t have a strong fragrance that leaves all my makeup brushes super soft and well cleaned; whether they are from natural fibre, nylon or synthetic, my brushes always feel super soft. I have purchased this shampoo many times over and will continue to do so, a great shampoo for brushes.

Toni&Guy, Dove & Rennassance Cleanser

Toni & Guy | Dry Shampoo | Cleanse | $16 | As mentioned above I love the Toni & Guy dry shampoo range, so I won’t go on about it again. But trust me this shampoo is definitely worth trying if you haven’t yet.

Oskia | Rennaissance Cleansing Gel | $48 | Finally my all time favourite cleanser that has done wonders for my skin. At first I wasn’t impressed as I had expected much more after reading other bloggers and YouTubers raving about this cleanser; so I will say that it does take at least 3 weeks of daily use to start noticing a difference to your skin. This cleanser has a potent blend of natural ingredients that infuses your skin vitamins from Vitamin C & E to Omega oils & Magnesium. These all help to improve any sun damage, dryness of your skin and helps to protect your skin from any free radicals in the environment.

I have noticed that my skin feels very soft & hydrated; I have also observed that my skin has a healthy glow that follows through with any other products that I am wearing and I have even had co-workers ask what skincare or makeup am I wearing that leaves my skin with a healthy glow all the time. Now that is a good sign that this cleanser is doing wonders for my skin, I am now onto my fourth bottle. The only negative is it is not available in stores here in Australia but thanks to Cult Beauty I can order from the UK without any problems.

Have you tried any of these products? What products have you finished this month?