L’Oreal La Palette Nude Eyeshadow Palettes

L'Oreal palette

Finally for drugstore lovers you are able to find eyeshadow palettes from popular brands that we have been eyeing off from our beauty lovers overseas on social media. In the past year brands such as Maybelline have finally offered us with affordable options. The latest drugstore release is L’Oreal La Palette Nude.

Two versions of La Palette have been released here in Australia; the nude beige palette and the nude rose palette. I have seen another version that is available in the U.S that are called Nude 1 (Beige combination) and Nude 2 (Rose Combination) which by looking at them online (here) I much prefer the colour combination of the U.S versions. I never understand why different countries get different colours?

But back to the review – the La Palette nude palettes are nice they contain 10 shadows in a sleek, black plastic palette that is very sturdy. As you can see in my samples below there are are both matte and shimmer finishes. They appear to be dupes of Urban Decay palettes in terms of the colour range and the finish choices.

Like the Urban Decay palettes this comes with a generously sized mirror which always comes in handy especially when travelling. I’m not a fan of the dual ended brush and sponge applicator they should have added a dual ended brush instead; but compared to what you usually get offered as an applicator in the drugstore I’m not too bothered.

Colour Sample of Loreal Beige Nude Palette
Loreal Nude Beige Palette

The La Palette Nude – Nude Beige palette has 10 light to medium toned shadows and leans more to the cool, beige, greige and taupey shades with an odd charcoal shade. The quality of these shades vary greatly from fantastic to unblendable – some shades come off very pigmented and smooth where others are very disappointing with no colour payoff and very chalky to say the least. The last 2 shades on the right the odd dark brown and the charcoal shade were extremely difficult to get a decent swatch of they were very messy. And as you can see the lightest shade on the left which is a shimmer shade you hardly get any colour payoff (I had to swatch this about 5 times to even get any colour to show up). The chalkest of the lot has to be the light brown third one along in the palette this is difficult to blend seamlessly.

Overall when comparing the shimmer to the matte shades in this palette – the shimmer shades were better as you had better colour payoff; except for the first shade as mentioned.

Colour Sample of Loreal Rose Nude Sample
L'oreal Rose Nude Palette

The La Palette Nude – Nude Rose palette is a selection of rosy, purple shades. It is a nice line up of colours. Once again the matte shades just let down the palette – as with the beige palette the matte shades are chalky and hard to work with. The grey shade was the most difficult to work with as it goes on very patchy (this is not a shade I use very often from this palette). Now the shimmery shades are much better as they feel more creamier and you have good colour payoff – my two favourites are the peachy golden shade in the middle and the rich taupey brown to the right.

When comparing the shimmer to the mattes in the Nude Rose palette – the shimmers are better as they are easier to blend but still the quality and texture of the shades do vary with some being soft and easy to work with and others are quite hard and chalky.

As mentioned I am happy to see that drugstore brands are adding palettes to their lineup, especially a palette that has a great colour selection for many different looks. I’ve enjoyed using these palettes and they are worth checking out.

Which of these two palettes would you go for?

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