L'Oreal palette

Finally for drugstore lovers you are able to find eyeshadow palettes from popular brands that we have been eyeing off from our beauty lovers overseas on social media. In the past year brands such as Maybelline have finally offered us with affordable options. The latest drugstore release is L’Oreal La Palette Nude.

Two versions of La Palette have been released here in Australia; the nude beige palette and the nude rose palette. I have seen another version that is available in the U.S that are called Nude 1 (Beige combination) and Nude 2 (Rose Combination) which by looking at them online (here) I much prefer the colour combination of the U.S versions. I never understand why different countries get different colours?

But back to the review – the La Palette nude palettes are nice they contain 10 shadows in a sleek, black plastic palette that is very sturdy. As you can see in my samples below there are are both matte and shimmer finishes. They appear to be dupes of Urban Decay palettes in terms of the colour range and the finish choices.

Like the Urban Decay palettes this comes with a generously sized mirror which always comes in handy especially when travelling. I’m not a fan of the dual ended brush and sponge applicator they should have added a dual ended brush instead; but compared to what you usually get offered as an applicator in the drugstore I’m not too bothered.

Colour Sample of Loreal Beige Nude Palette
Loreal Nude Beige Palette

The La Palette Nude – Nude Beige palette has 10 light to medium toned shadows and leans more to the cool, beige, greige and taupey shades with an odd charcoal shade. The quality of these shades vary greatly from fantastic to unblendable – some shades come off very pigmented and smooth where others are very disappointing with no colour payoff and very chalky to say the least. The last 2 shades on the right the odd dark brown and the charcoal shade were extremely difficult to get a decent swatch of they were very messy. And as you can see the lightest shade on the left which is a shimmer shade you hardly get any colour payoff (I had to swatch this about 5 times to even get any colour to show up). The chalkest of the lot has to be the light brown third one along in the palette this is difficult to blend seamlessly.

Overall when comparing the shimmer to the matte shades in this palette – the shimmer shades were better as you had better colour payoff; except for the first shade as mentioned.

Colour Sample of Loreal Rose Nude Sample
L'oreal Rose Nude Palette

The La Palette Nude – Nude Rose palette is a selection of rosy, purple shades. It is a nice line up of colours. Once again the matte shades just let down the palette – as with the beige palette the matte shades are chalky and hard to work with. The grey shade was the most difficult to work with as it goes on very patchy (this is not a shade I use very often from this palette). Now the shimmery shades are much better as they feel more creamier and you have good colour payoff – my two favourites are the peachy golden shade in the middle and the rich taupey brown to the right.

When comparing the shimmer to the mattes in the Nude Rose palette – the shimmers are better as they are easier to blend but still the quality and texture of the shades do vary with some being soft and easy to work with and others are quite hard and chalky.

As mentioned I am happy to see that drugstore brands are adding palettes to their lineup, especially a palette that has a great colour selection for many different looks. I’ve enjoyed using these palettes and they are worth checking out.

Which of these two palettes would you go for?

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Monthly Empties

Another month has passed by and I have used up some products that I have loved, not liked and one that have ranted about because of what is in the product! But I will let you discover which one that is. I love that satisfaction of finishing up a product I think that it is a real achievement, especially when there are so many products out there and lets not talk about newly released products that like to entice us. I have made a real effort this year to work through some of my products that I have had around for a while and not to push them aside over the newly releases. As I have found that working through some of my older products that I’m not throwing out a lot because they have gone off. Now let’s get back to my empties this month….

Empties Closeup 1

L’Oreal Vitamino Colour Fresh Masque

I get my hair coloured often and have used colour protecting shampoos and conditioners before but only until the bottles are finished and then revert back to my normal products. But the last time I was at the hairdressers they recommended that I use L’Oreal Vitamino Colour Fresh Masque twice a week to help protect and enhance the colour. I’m so glad I purchased this one. My hair was left shiny, soft (helps to protect hair follicles from split ends) and the colour was true to colour and not brassy at all.

Repurchase: Yes

Tresemme Keratin Smooth Flat Iron Smoothing Spray post

I have used this hair protector many times I have posted about this product in an empties post previously. I like that this heat protector doesn’t leave my hair feeling weighed down or doesn’t leave my hair looking oily during the day whilst protecting my hair when using my hair appliances.

Repurchase: Yes

NIP & FAB Glycolic Daily Cleansing Pads

I got on the bandwagon with this product – as these cleansing pads were all over social media thanks to Kylie Jenner and for me they are highly “overrated”. They didn’t do anything; they were just cotton pads soaked in water it seemed. I had no tingling on the skin when I swiped in circular motion over my skin, like I have with Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel (now these cleansing peels you can feel upon first swipe – you actually see an improvement in your skin). The NIP & FAB Glycolic Daily Cleansing Pads don’t have enough Glycolic acid (2.8%) to be actually doing anything for the skin. These cleansing pads would be good for a young teenager (13 or 14) starting out in skincare but then a teenager would not need to use a facial peel on their skin anyway. These did not make my skin brighter, smoother or even well hydrated they were a waste of money in my opinion. I hope that you have had better luck with these Glycolic Daily Cleansing Pads.

Repurchase: Definitely NO

Hourglass Veil Primer post

I’m a huge fan of this primer – previously I only wore this primer on a special occasion when I wanted my makeup to last for hours and look flawless because it is so expensive. But I soon realized because of the SPF it probably wasn’t good that this primer was just sitting on my makeup table not being used as the SPF will pass its prime. I love that this primer is lightweight and just melts into the skin, leaving me with radiant skin. My skin is always left looking flawless, not oily during the day and my foundation looking great from the moment I apply in the morning until the end of the day with no colour fade. The only gripe I had was with the glass bottle and pump as it is not travel friendly but more importantly I was left with some primer at the bottom of the glass bottle that the pump would not dispense – this was frustrating but I turned the bottle upside down and then with the tip of plastic on the pump was able to use up all the primer. But this was the only negative – this is a great primer can’t recommend it enough.

Repurchase: Yes (already repurchased in the squeezable tube)

Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume Mascarapost

This mascara I was excited to try as it had a lot of promise – as this was a high impact extreme mascara. It was not extreme, but I was able to layer the mascara nicely without clumping and this did not flake during the day but it didn’t provide extreme volume as promised but did hold a curl; otherwise it was a good mascara. As mentioned in my Mascara Edit the only problem that I had was that the silver lid came away from the wand and this is the second Clinique mascara that I have purchased that this has happened to which is disappointing.

Repurchase: Maybe

Empties Closeup 2


Eve Lom Cleanser

Let me start with saying that I had high expectations for this cleanser as I have seen some fantastic reviews on this cleanser previously. That was until I discovered that this high end ($79 – $208 AUD) was full of ‘Mineral Oil’. This product was the first pioneering balm cleanser that began its life in the early 1980’s and I can understand that I ‘Mineral Oil’ was used then but in this day and age do we really want or need to have a product filler that is the leftover product that is taken out of petrol on our skin. Caroline Hirons explains this best in her rant here.

Eve Lom is all about using natural oils and herbs in her products but then chooses to put a product filler like ‘Mineral Oil’ in her cleanser. This is where I have a huge issue with this cleanser – if it is supposed to be all natural why is there ‘Mineral Oil’ in the product that the petrol companies don’t want and sell off to companies for a profit. And if I’m going to pay up $208AUD for the large size I want this to be a natural product.

It was difficult to finish this cleanser and I will say it lasted me months as I didn’t like to use every day after I found out what was in it. And can I say that on Eve Lom recommendation of how to use it just took too long. The smell is off putting to me it actually smells of petrol (so much that I had to hold my breath because the smell was just off putting)  where others have said that they love the smell – and I never liked the left very oily residue on my skin afterwards. I am so glad that I have finally finished this product as I think I would have thrown it out with product left in the tub if I had it any longer.

This cleanser was supposed to help clear my skin with clove oil and take the redness away this cleanser was designed to drain away the toxins from the Eucalyptus oil and the Hops Oil, Egyptian Chamomile and the Cocoa Butter are meant to tone and soften/condition the skin. These products all sound great and they would be good if just didn’t have a product filler in it  and finally what irks me is this is a “multi-award winning product” I just don’t understand are these people who are handing out these awards not looking to see what is actually in the product and that it is very harmful.

Repurchase: NO, NO, NO (rant over!! There are many other cleansing balms that are 1000% better than this one)

Indeed Laboratories Pepta-Bright Post

Pepta-Bright is a brightening that helps to diminish any dark spots or hyper-pigmentation. And I will say that this did just that for my skin. I have little pigmentation on the corners of my forehead and this helped to lighten them and to this helped to keep any dark spots at bay. For any beauties that don’t want to spend a lot of $$$ on a product that will help to diminish your dark spots and hyper-pigmentation this is a good one.

Repurchase: Yes

The Balm Put A Lid On It

This eye primer is my dupe for Urban Decay Primer Potion. This eye primer provides your eye area with a smooth even and enhanced eyelid ready for eyeshadow. I found my eyeshadow applied with ease even for some of the shadows that are hard to blend out. My eyeshadow lasted all day with no fading that helped to enhance the eyeshadow colours. This little tube lasted for months well worth it.

Repurchase: Yes

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation

This foundation would have to be one of my favourites. I love the natural non cakey or masky look of the Bobbi Brown Long-wear Even Finish Foundation. You do get a even finish to your skin when wearing. This foundation is oil free and this past summer it showed me how good it is as I only had my normal oil showing through in the afternoon and not within half hour of applying like with some other foundations. I love that it is lightweight as I never feel like I’m wearing any product – this always stays natural and is a foundation that you can build up to full coverage if need be. This foundation does not oxidise it stays true to its actual colour – and an added bonus it comes with a pump so there are no messy bottles and lids here.

Repurchase: Yes


What are some of the products that you have finished this past month?

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April Favourites

This has been a stressful month, with two reports that I needed to complete for Uni and I had a lot going on at work at the same time. But now that all that stress is out the window I have enjoyed the last couple of weeks of April. I love the Autumn and have been loving our extended Summer that we have had here in Australia this entire month but I do know the chilly weather is right around the corner. Here are my favs for this month that surprisingly is all about the moisture getting prepared for the chilly season plus some other goodies.

Favourites closeup

Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair Cream

I purchased the Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Cream earlier this year in a specials pack that included the jumbo Soothing Cleansing Oil and the Extra Repair Moisturizing Balm. And this eye cream has been a game changer, this is so hydrating and soothing. Upon first use I knew that I would love this eye cream. This eye cream is very rich and creamy and provides just the right amount of hydration for my under eye area. I noticed an immediate difference after I apply this cream – as I find my under eye area to be quite dry by the end of the day; I just feel like I needed more moisture. I have even noticed that my under eye area has less fine lines. This eye cream is very creamy and is too much for my eye area in the morning as my concealer does slide around if using – so I much prefer to use this cream in the evening.

Clinique Buffing Brush

This buffing brush is a recent discovery – I remember recently seeing Vivianna Does Makeup mention this brush in a recent post. And I was definitely hooked! I love a buffing brush for applying my foundation as much as I love my BeautyBlender. This Clinique  buffing brush is very soft densely-packed bristles that gently buffs your foundation into your skin beautifully. I love that this brush can be used for liquid, powder and cream stick formulations. A welcome addition to my brush collection.

MAC Lip Conditioner

I’m a huge fan of lip creams and balms. This lip conditioner I find to be very moisturizing that leaves my lips well moisturized ready for lipstick application in the morning. I like to apply this lip conditioner at night before bed to help to keep my lips soft and smooth. Overall a good lip conditioner; and another bonus this comes in a travel friendly tube.

Becca backlight priming filter

I am really into my primers of late; and I kept seeing the Backlight Priming Perfector all over social media and I was intrigued to see whether this was worth the hype. And this primer definitely is. I love that this has three unique ‘filtering luminescent pearls’ that adds a diffused light to your skin. This is great to wear under foundation to add a nice glow to the skin and I have even worn this on its own on the weekends to add some glow and luminosity to the skin so that my skin doesn’t look so blah! This is a very lightweight liquid formula that gives you a smooth-even canvas for foundation application. Finally for my combination skin this is perfect I don’t find myself being anymore oilier than usual. And I love that this is Paraben, Sulfate and Phthalates free.

Bobbi Brown Repair Moisture Balm

I purchased this moisture balm in a gift set as mentioned above. I wasn’t sure about this balm as it is quite thick and is suited to normal to extra dry skin – I use this balm in my nighttime skincare routine as it would be too much for the morning under my makeup. But I was amazed at how good Bobbi Brown Repair Moisture Balm actually is; this is a super-rich-oil in water emulsion that I apply by patting onto my skin which I have been enjoying. I have noticed that my skin is looking firmer and more plump and even a few less lines on my forehead – and can I say my skin feels amazing in the morning. And any cream / balm that has shea butter, natural oils, evening primrose and sage in it has to be a good thing for your skin.

Favourites closeup 3

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel

This has been my go to cleanser over the last couple of months. I just love how my skin feels after my morning face wash – my skin always feels soft and hydrated. The Oskia Renaissance Cleansing gel is filled with high-tech natural ingredients including a good range of vitamins and essential nutrients – this is a gel cleanser that melts into the skin nicely and when rinsed off turns milky. I will admit this cleanser didn’t wow from the get-go but over a few days I did notice a difference in the way my skin looked with their being more of a glow to it and my skin was very hydrated – I had even noticed that my combination skin wasn’t as oily during the day with my skin looking less stressed.

Maybelline Colossal Go Extreme Leather Black Mascara

I love a new mascara – especially that first time when you pull the brush out of the tube and you hear that suction sound for the first time. Give me a mascara that adds lots of volume and this one does the job. I have enjoyed using the Colossal go extreme mascara this month – I have even given up using my eyelash curler when using this mascara. This mascara holds a curl and the volume is there from morning till night.

What are some of the products that you have finished this past month?

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Contour palette

I love a good palette that is so versatile! A palette that you can use for your eyes, face, cheeks etc. So it was good to see that RIMMEL have released a new product in the Kate Collection and this new release is a good one. The RIMMEL Kate Sculpting Palette* contains a highlight, contour and blush. This is packaged in a sleek compact with rose gold trim (I can’t get enough of anything that is rose gold at the moment!!) and would be perfect for travelling as you have three products in the one compact. Or if you like to carry some makeup with you in your handbag this will not take up any room at all as it is so sleek.

Rimmel sculpting palette closeup

The colours aren’t overly pigmented which is a good thing as this would be a great palette for those girls or guys that are just starting to get into contouring and highlight-strobing. As there is not the risk of dipping your brush into the contour powder and putting the brush on your face and realising that you have to much powder on the brush and you are left stressing how you are going to tone it down  and blend the contour in.

Kate sculpting palette colour sample

Contour palette sample

Highlight – this is a very subtle highlight in my sample above I had to apply the highlight a few times for it to show up properly – this highlight is good for everyday wear as it is quite light and only shows up in the light. If you are wanting a highlight that you can see from 100 metres away, then this is not the one for you.

Contour – this contour powder is more satin than matte. Which I don’t mind as this is a contour that could be worn for work days that is easy to apply and blend – this is a light colour so it is easy to blend and build up the colour ever so slightly. I would recommend this contour for fair, light and medium skin tones – and this could be used as a bronzer if you wanted as well.

Blush – this is a coral coloured matte blush. If you wanted a blush with a little more sheen for that glow look you could apply a bit of the highlighter over the top for that look. But this really is a nice coral shade that will work on a lot of different looks. I was surprised at how lovely this coral blush looks on me as usually I would usually reach for a pink/plum blush when doing my makeup; I was impressed with the colour and wear.

Australia is stocking 002 – Coral Glow* at the moment and retails for $16.95 at Priceline.

Have you tried it? What do you think of this palette?

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*Note: This is not a sponsored post. Products that are marked with an * were gifted to me for consideration but I have not been paid, nor am I required to write about the product. All opinions are my own for further information please see my disclaimer page.

Tools that I use everyday

It’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted I had two reports that I needed to work on at work and at Uni. But now both of these reports are finished I will be posting again on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. As I was doing my everyday routine of skincare, skincare and makeup recently I realised there are some tools that I reach for daily that make such a difference in my morning/daily life – so here are the toolsthat I use that have changed the way I do my skincare, haircare and makeup.

Foreo Luna Mini – This was a discovery for me last year as I’ve mentioned before and the Luna Mini has made such a difference to my skincare routine. I had seen this device awhile back and thought it really couldn’t cleanse your skin well like a Clarisonic device would. But I was wrong. I liked the idea of this being gentle on the skin as the Clarisonic and devices similar to this can be very harsh on the skin. The Luna Mini is very gentle as it pulsates on your skin – with the pulsing of this device helps to gently remove dead skin cells and makeup residue and removes dirt and grime from your pores gently. I have noticed that my skin absorbs other skincare products with ease and I’m always left with well hydrated skin.

Models Prefer Square Paddle Brush – I was the type of girl that would just dry her hair in no manner at all just to get it dry with the hair dryer – as it takes a while to dry if I was air drying it.  But I was never happy with how it looked afterwards especially with the fly-aways. So I decided to pick up a paddle brush to use and see if this would be a better option when drying my hair. This has made such a difference; there are less fly-aways and my hair is straight and smooth. I just brush through my hair while making sure the hairdryer is on/near my strands as I brush through. I have cut down my hair drying to mere minutes and my hair is perfectly straight. I have seen such a difference – as I have oilier hair I have noticed I don’t have as much heat on my hair like before and it is now less oily; and I’m using less dry hair shampoo in between washes (bonus!!)

Sigma Spa Express – I thought the brush cleaning sponge gloves and mats were overly hyped up – but I picked up the Spa Express last year when I did an order and needed another $20 to spend to get free postage to Australia so I decided to give it a try. Well was I wrong!! The Spa Express has made such a difference in washing my brushes especially when washing a buffing brush – as we know a buffing brush is a pain to wash as the foundation seeps right down into the brush and takes forever to wash out. This as two sides to it – one side is for face brushes and on the other side for eye brushes there are 7 different textures for washing, rinsing and for refining the brush bristles. I like to wash my face brushes individually especially the foundation brush and then I flip the Spa Express the inside out to do my eye brushes and I tend to wash 3-4 at the same time as the pad area is large enough to be able to wash them together. I’m glad this is in my life as it takes only minutes to wash my brushes!

BeautyBlender – It has taken me a while to get into using the BeautyBlender in my makeup routine, I always thought that it couldn’t make such a difference when applying foundation – but I was wrong. From the first time that I started using it I noticed that makeup was less cakey and it looked like the foundation had melted into my skin; this is exactly what I want in a base. I like to use the BeautyBlender on its own to apply foundation or afterwards when I have used a buffing brush as I find that it can take away any line marks and just makes the foundation seamless on the skin. I’m very glad that I have started to use the BeautyBlender more often.

What tools or products do you reach for daily?

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